We are a small, diverse team of passionate employees

Ulrik Kejser Nyvold

Owner and CSO

Ulrik Kejser Nyvold took over Levinsen Skovfrø A/S in 2007, and today is responsible for sales & sourcing.

Ulriks holds a master’s degree in Forestry

Jonas Zingenberg


Jonas is operations manager and has overall responsibility for production and storage

Jonas has a background as a zookeeper and for many years has worked with both plants and animals as his primary occupation.

Marianne Pedersen

Head of seed quality

Marianne Pedersen is responsible for the seed quality

Marianne holds a master’s degree im Horticulture

Ida Mortensen


Ida is a trained nursery gardener and is responsible for harvesting, cleaning seeds, and helps with analysis tasks.

Emil Neidhardt

Producion and sourcing

Emil is a trained forest and landscape engineer and works with harvesting and purification of seeds

Daniel Pedersen

Production and sourcing

Levisen was founded in 1953