Apart from the marketing of quality seeds, Levinsen offers various types of practical services connecting to seeds such as washing, extraction, cleaning, pretreatment/stratification, and storage.


To separate the seeds from the pulp of berries and other fruits, they are washed through Levinsen’s specially developed equipment. The fruit is processed in several different treatments, leaving the seed clean with little possible impurities such as small parts of leaves and twigs.


The fresh cones are dried to a water % where the seeds loosen and fall from the cone. This process is carried out gently in a thin layer storage over a long period to imitate nature’s own drying process. It provides with a high-quality germination.

In the extraction process the seed is loosened from the dry cones by processing through one or more machines, which mechanically excretes the seed according to species. Cone scales and other unwanted plant parts are detached in the process.

Cleaning and drying

To obtain extra cleanliness and germination % in the seed, it is cleansed further in one or more machines. With different sizes of sieves and wire mesh, vibrations or air, the last empty seeds, wings, and other impurities that have been missed in the washing and cleaning process are removed. Now the seed is dried down to a storage proof water %.


Many seed species are not ready for germination right after the wash/extraction and cleaning treatment. They require extra treatment in several processes that subjects the seed to exact amounts of water at specific temperatures in an imitation of the required natural environment. This service may be purchased additionally on all seed species by the kilogramme.


The finished seed can be stored safely at Levinsen, in our storage facilities that ensures the right temperatures to maintain the best possible germination quality.