Company profile

Treeseeds since 1953

Levinsen A/S markets seeds for the production of quality plants for forestry, game coverts, ornamental, Christmas tree and greenery purposes. The company has its main market in northern Europe, but is active in most of the world.

The company specializes in the production of quality seeds. We attach great importance to the safety of origin, and thus the genetic footprint of the seed we market. Since autumn 2012, our Georgian Nordmannsgran now ISO certified. Production services include pretreatment / stratification and storage of seed, according to your wishes. We believe that a close dialogue with the customer about special cleaning and other requirements for the seed, creates the greatest possible satisfaction of every customer.

Counseling is also an important part of the company’s everyday life. We can help with advice on species and proveniences taking into account, inter alia, soil conditions and local climate, as well as to the client’s goals and expectations for sales.


At Levinsen we work to provide the best possible product to our customers every year.

Shrub and forest seed are natural products and therefore the annual harvest affected by various fluctuations in growth conditions, weather and wind. We therefore work with a particular storage strategy in our major product groups within both softwood, as hardwood and buskfrø.

Over the last few years, we have ensured frøleverancen of Nordmann fir seeds from Georgia, by providing 10- and 20-year harvesting licenses to selected sites in Ambrolauri and Borjomi forest districts. The supply of seed from Russia, as we pick up at selected sites in Apsheronsk Forest District, is secured through agreements with the regional authorities. Furthermore, we have many years – earlier in Abies Seeds by Børge Klemmensen, now under the auspices of Levinsen – working with documentation of provenienssikkerheden of the seeds we import to Denmark and passed on to customers at home and abroad. The quality assurance system that we over the years has accumulated and developed, we started with ISO-certified along with the procedures relating to working conditions and social responsibility, which we use in Georgia and Russia.

We work with a number of private forest owners in Denmark and abroad on the harvesting, processing and delivery of quality seeds from licensed stands and designated seed sources. We work continuously to offer the best seed sources, including collecting experiences from practitioners and seek out new material, where the need arises.

We have built up our own seed sources of Nordmann fir in Denmark, and in recent years we have established a collection of various shrub seed around Denmark in cooperation with private landowners. In dialogue with professionals – including Frøkildeudvalget and KU-LIFE – we have placed emphasis on genetic wide seed sources, which belongs to the Danish flora, and at the same time meeting our customers’ needs.


At Levinsen we harvest, clean, and sell forest seeds of the highest attainable quality, for the production of future generations of trees and shrubs.


With the best product quality, we want to be the leading and most competitive supplier of forest seeds to commercial nurseries worldwide.

Core values

  • Quality
  • Propriety
  • Delivery assurance